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Mixer digital mackie DL 1608

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With the Mackie DL1608’s seamless wired to wireless mixing capabilities, you can mix in real time from anywhere in the venue on your iPad®.* Instantly adjust mix functions from tuning front of house trouble spots to ringing out stage monitors.

The Mackie DL1608 comes loaded with 16 studio-quality Onyx mic preamps that deliver depth, headroom and immense detail to your live mix. Plus, with 12 XLR and four combo mic/line inputs, connecting mics and instruments is quick and easy.

The Mackie DL1608’s high-end 24bit Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters offer a remarkable 114 db dynamic range. We align our Onyx pre-amps precisely with the converters to provide you with the most headroom and the lowest noise and distortion possible—resulting in brilliant sound quality from a vocal whisper to a wailing guitar solo.

The DL1608 is loaded with a choice of powerful plug-ins on every channel, so you won’t need to set up additional racks of outboard gear. With just the touch of a ?nger, you have total control over 4-band EQ, compression and gate plug-ins. Plus, sweeten your sound with a full-featured reverb and tap delay or adjust your mix to the room with the 31-band graphic EQ and compressor/limiter on the main and aux outs.

Supporting up to 10 iPads simultaneously, the Mackie DL1608 allows multiple engineers to control the mix. Plus, it gives band members the ability to adjust their own monitors. Now, the band can dial in the mix they want to hear in real time right on stage.


The Mackie DL1608 allows you to recall mix functions with just the touch of a ?nger. With Total Snapshot Recall*, you can now easily save and access sound check settings for multiple bands, complex song mixes, previous mixes from challenging venues, recall scenes for theater productions and more. You can even pre-set the mixing board and be ready to go the moment you arrive. *Mic pre-amp gains are not recallable.

Quickly set up a new mix with the DL1608’s Channel Presets. With simple touch screen control, you can immediately assign a factory or your own custom channel preset for kick drum, bass, guitar, keyboard and more to any channel you choose. And when you’ve made the perfect settings, easily save them for later use and share them with your friends.

The Mackie DL1608 lets you to record your mix from the L/R stereo outputs directly to your iPad, allowing you to upload it to your favorite application and share it with others.

Whether you want to play pre-show music or add a Garage Band track to your live mix, with the Mackie DL1608 you can bring in stereo audio from any iPad application. Best of all, with the pre-assigned iPad channel, you can do it without using up one of the mixers 16 channels.

The DL1608 lets you take a picture of band members with your iPad or choose your own picture to help you easily identify your assigned channels. There's a choice of included icons to get you up and running.

The Mackie DL1608 is perfect for installing in venues. With its easy to use Master Fader iPad application it has never been easier to train up new sound engineers. Plus, forget the bulky racks of outboard gear, the powerfully small, low profile design lets you install it just about anywhere.

The DL1608 is big on security. The PadLock™ feature locks down your iPad for permanent installs, while the Kensington lock—the industry standard in protecting technological equipment—secures the mixer to guard it from theft.

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